Look at the Journey your Mail Takes in Totally Reliable Delivery Service

“Totally Reliable” Totally Inspires Confidence

Our postal workers face new challenges everyday. This game is proof of that. Totally Reliable Delivery Service shows you the kind of obstacles delivery persons have to endure at their job of getting your parcel from point A to B. TRDS is like Human Fall Flat meets Goat Simulator. It is also kind of reminiscent of Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, the PUBG spoof. In this game, players “control” avatars that look more like blobs in clothes than people. Anyway, these people and the world they inhabit are at the mercy of the unpredictable ragdoll physics we have come to know and love. If navigating wasn’t challenging enough, players also have to do the job of delivering packages.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Players will have to make use of the usual delivery persons’ mode of transportation. Cars, trucks, umbrellas, rocket ships are all available for your use in getting your parcels to their owners. You can see the trailer for yourself on the publisher tinyBuildGAMES YouTube channel. The game will offer local and online multiplayer, and “four unique, blue-collar workers”. It has a semi-open-world look to it. The trailer and screenshots either feature one city area or multiple similar looking play spaces.

Very soon, developers We’re Five Games will be opening up the alpha testing to players. You can sign up at the Totally Reliable Delivery Service website. The game is set to launch on July 15th this year on Steam, but hopefully we can get a console release as well. We’re Five Games also announced that they will showcase a playable build at PAX South 2019 in San Antonio. Maybe we will see something new from that event in the coming weeks.

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Source: PC Gamer