Layers of Fear 2 gets a Trailer Narrated by the Candyman Himself

Short and Sweet? No, Just Short

The first Layers of Fear was pretty scary. Walking around a spooky-ass house, picking up creepy items, and painting some really terrifying portraits. The game looks really good, in a gross, demonic sort of way. Now, about three years after the release of the first game, Layers of Fear 2 gets its debut trailer. The first Layers of Fear was set in a Victorian era mansion. Judging by the setting of the trailer, Layers of Fear 2 looks to be set on a 20th century Titanic-esque boat. Although, the areas resemble those things, the environment is a twisted version of them. So, if you want me to get real pretentious, the setting is in the protagonist’s broken psyche.

Layers of Fear 2

For a game series that relies on dark and creepy environments, there isn’t a lot of opportunity for great screenshots from the trailer. The trailer does have the creepy presence of Tony Todd, who played the title killer in the horror movie Candyman. The narration seems to imply that the protagonist is an actor. Actors, as you know, are famous for not being themselves. What is it with the Layers of Fear series and tortured artists?

Layers of Fear 2’s developer Bloober Team returns, but is being published by Gun Media. Layers of Fear 1 was published by Aspyr. The second installment of the series is slated for release sometime in 2019. My personal question is this: Will Layers of Fear 2 also be a walking simulator? Don’t get me wrong, Layers of Fear 1 was really something to behold, but as far as gameplay goes, it was really lacking. The series is story-based, but is there going to be anything new other than the story?

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Source: Game Informer