Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Hit With Delay

The Title Is Still Planned To Launch Before Kingdom Hearts 3.

Here’s a little tidbit I didn’t actually know about – There’s going to be a free Kingdom Hearts VR experience for PlayStation VR, and this is actually it’s second delay.

Kingdom Hearts III

Originally announced in September 2018, the Kingdom Hearts VR experience will allow players to watch the story as they listen to music from the game – essentially working as a story re-cap without having to play through previous titles before jumping in. It was originally slated for Christmas Day with a planned update for January 18th. Then the full release was delayed until January 18th, and now, this final delay will hopefully see it launch on January 23rd.

Even with this delay, the VR experience is still set to release before Kingdom Hearts 3 by a whole two days. While the game itself will be available for free, you will of course need a PlayStation VR to use it.

Kingdom Hearts VR Experience launches January 23 2019, with Kingdom Hearts 3 releasing on January 25th 2019.