The Fallout 76 Jacket is a Magnet for Jokes and Parodies

Fallout 76: The Failure that Fans Will Never Let Bethesda Forget About

Fallout 76 is like gaming’s metaphor for someone falling down stairs, and they just can’t stop. It’s funny to watch, in an America’s-Funniest-Home-Video kind of way. It’s also sad, in an I-can’t-pay-my-hospital-bill-because-I-live-in-America kind of way. And it’s sometimes hard to feel sympathetic for Bethesda in this metaphor because the person was walking down the stairs blindfolded and backwards, so what do you expect? The latest step Bethesda is rolling down is the Fallout 76 jacket. It’s hard to root for you when you keep making these missteps, Bethesda.

Fallout 76 Jacket

The jacket is meant to be in the style of a Vault 76 jumpsuit, but as a jacket. The jacket is made out of a more practical material for colder weather than a jumpsuit would be, so it looks a little different than a jumpsuit replica would. It has quite a distinct sheen to it. The jacket also has a cost of $276. Oof. The look and the price has prompted Twitter users to post their “homemade versions” of the jacket and they are pretty wonderful.

The most popular reply to the Fallout tweet was by the user Ansis Purins, who retweeted with a picture of a blue tarp. PC Gamer compiled a list of other note worthy replies. My personal favourite is a woman wearing an blue Ikea bag quite skillfully fashioned into a jacket. Honourable mentions include a blue plastic poncho with yellow 76 text on top and a blue plastic bag with a 76 made of white tape. Who knows, the jacket might actually be comfortable and nice, but for $276, I’ll avoid it.

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Source: PC Gamer