Battlefield V: New Patch Brings a Big Tank, Map Improvements, and Better Features

Big Tanks and Bug Fixes

A new week brings new possibilities for DICE franchises, including Battlefield V. This week, we’ve hit the second update of January. A new tank is now available in the form of the Sturmgeschutz IV, and players can look forward to some Panzerstorm tweaks.

Battlefield V’s new update is rather meaty, locking in 2.39 GB on Xbox One, 2.5 on Xbox One, and 4 GB on PC. The new StuG IV that’s available for the German faction is not your typical tank. While it provides great cover for machine gunners, the cannon lacks a turret. Players must maneuver the entire hull to align the cannon with their desired target. Tank commanders who notice any weaknesses can always compensate in the customization menu. Take advantage of some anti-personnel options or upgrade to a bigger, anti-tank gun. To add the StuG IV to your arsenal, you must complete the Weekly Challenge of the Third Chapter event of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes.

Furthermore, Practice Range may finally fulfill its intended use. Players can now practice firing a variety of Battlefield V weapons like the Panzerfaust. There are some more useful features which you can find below:

  • Gadget practice: Practice shooting the Panzerfaust and other gadgets against stationary and moving targets.
  • Skeet shooting: Improve your accuracy in the skeet shooting arena with various difficulty levels.
  • Grenade practice: Learn how to accurately toss grenades at randomly spawning barrels. Again, with different levels of difficulty
  • Bullet drop: Various modes will now offer you the ability to toggle bullet drop, a visualization of where your bullets will land.
  • Updated initial spawn positions to suit players wanting to go to the open range more quickly. Various bug fixes relating to previous content.
  • Open range mini modes now feature, one-star, two-star, and three-star Practice Range ribbons that can be obtained by scoring streaks in easy, normal, and hard, respectively.
  • Practice Range ribbons can be viewed, in the scoreboard for solo play or co-op play separately.

Chief among the updates are the improvements to Panzerstorm. More trees now populate the surface, and more nooks and crannies make it possible for infantry to find cover. Also, DICE has piled the map with new houses that grant some tank cover. In other words, it’s no longer no man’s land. For infantry, specifically, there are now some suitable sniping positions. Specifics and additional info, such as the long list of fixes, are available on the official website.

Happy gaming.