Xbox One X Has Issues With CoD Blackout Crashing

CoD’s battle royale is having blackouts

When Treyarch pitched the name for Black Ops 4’s battle royale game, they must’ve looked into an imaginary camera and gave a dramatic pause before saying “Blackout”. The irony is delicious, but of course I’m playing up the scale of this issue. The problem is specific to the Blackout players using the Xbox One X. Reportedly, the game crashes for many players when the 100 player count reaches around 15. According to this reddit thread, the Blackout crashing is exclusive to the Xbox One X, and since it’s the CoD fanbase we’re talking about, this is the worst thing to ever happen ever. The Xbox One S, OG Xbox One, and PS4 players seem unaffected by the crashing, however they all report a separate issue involving looting bodies.

Blackout crashing

These issues began to arise around December 18th, when Black Ops 4’s Absolute Zero event started. This event introduced a new Specialist and more Contraband loot. Unfortunately, the event also introduced a spike in the frequency of crashing for Xbox One X players. The above thread offered a few pseudo-solutions, but so far no concrete way of avoiding the crashes has been established.

Is a solution on the way?

On December 21st, a patch was released to hopefully fix the looting issue, but the game-breaking crash issue persisted. However, some nice Santa hats were added to the head of every zombie, so there’s that. Earlier today, Treyarch tweeted out a response to the crashing problem. They are looking into the issue and hopefully, a patch will be released that will remedy the cause of the crashing.

Are you an (unfortunate) Xbox One X user being affected by this issue? Is this problem affecting your CoD no scope compilations? Do people still do that? Let us know in the comments below, and stay up to date will all our Black Ops 4 news on our site.

Source: Kotaku