The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Coming to Consoles

More Delicious Meta-Narrative For All

If you were hoping for one more trip through The Stanley Parable, the developers are releasing an Ultra Deluxe edition! There will be new paths, new endings, and the whole mess will be coming to consoles! Great news for those of us who are shackled with a widescreen potato for PC gaming. This latest version of The Stanley Parable will be out sometime next year. There’s even a trailer! Of course there’s a trailer.

The Stanley Parable Screen ultra deluxe

Assuming the trailer is to be believed, we’re getting either a ton of content. At the very least, it’ll be enough new content to cut together a sweet-looking trailer. Even if this expansion is a tiny slice of new material, I’m still looking forward to more quality time with that fabulous narrator. Here’s hoping sometime in 2019 is like, really soon. The first quarter of the year, perhaps.