Rapper Sues Epic Games For Allegedly Stealing His Signature Dance Move

Fortnite’s ‘Swipe It’ Dance Is Accused of Being Stolen From a New York Rapper

New York City rapper 2 Milly filed a lawsuit in a California court on Wednesday against Fortnite developer Epic Games for allegedly stealing his iconic “Milly Rock” dance and selling it in-game as the “Swipe It” dance without compensating him in any way. The suit also accuses Epic Games of violating 2 Milly’s publicity rights.

Also, 2 Milly is not only suing for damages but also wants the “Swipe It” move removed from Fortnite.


“I was never compensated by Epic Games for their use of the ‘Milly Rock,'” the rapper reportedly said in a press release. “They never even asked for my permission. I am thrilled to have David Hecht and his team at Pierce Bainbridge representing me to help right this wrong.”

Pierce Bainbridge is the law firm that is representing 2 Milly in his lawsuit and his lawyer, David Hecht, claims that his client being African-American is also a factor in this suit.

“I think they believe that they can railroad African American talent because they doubt that there will be any legal consequence,” Hecht told Kotaku during a phone interview.

So far, Epic Games has declined anything about the lawsuit.

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