Rage 2: Release Date Announced; will Skip Steam and use Bethesda Launcher

Hopefully, PC Players Won’t Rage 2 Hard

The release date for Rage 2 is May 14, 2019. Just yesterday, the game appeared at the game awards with new footage that showcased the power of the Apex Engine. If you didn’t catch it at the event (trailer below), just know that the map is damn huge and is littered with havoc. The game, which made its debut just before this year’s E3, contains some of the input from iD Software of DOOM blood.

Pre-orders for Rage 2 are now live, with special editions and bonus content now listed on retail fronts. Available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, buyers can pre-order the Rage 2 Deluxe edition which includes the Following:

  • “Rise of the Ghosts” expansion,
  • The DOOM BFG,
  • Wasteland Wizard Cheat Codes,
  • Progress Booster
  • Battle Standard

Rage 2

Like Fallout 76, publisher Bethesda will retain its independence from Steam and utilize their eponymous download client for the release. Rage 2 will be available through the company’s exclusive launcher on PC, which means gamers must reserve space for yet another desktop shortcut. After the fiasco earlier this year, however, many gamers may be dubious about possible caveats. Not only did Fallout 76 crash during the beta, but a glitch unique to the Bethesda launcher led to the deletion of the game’s date. Hence, players may not be so keen on using the platform for yet another game.

What are your thoughts on Rage 2′ on the Bethesda Launcher? You play on consoles and therefore don’t care? Comment down below.

Note: for one reason or another, the PlayStation 4 version of Rage 2 is currently discounted by 13% on Amazon.

SOURCE: Resetera