‘The Quiet Man’ Gets “Accolades” Trailer for Being a Terrible Masterpiece

It Was Also a Quiet Bomb

Back at E3 2018, no one was really sure what to expect during publisher Square Enix’s reveal of The Quiet Man. We were promised plenty of ass-kicking and silence, which we got, but many folks were surprised when those two things came hand in hand with a terrible game.

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The Quiet Man “accolades trailer has just launched. Now I know what you’re thinking; if it was a critical bomb with a 29 Metacritic score, how did it obtain an accolades trailer? Well, you can say that Square Enix embraced the badness in order to find the good. The footage comes with a long list of criticisms, topped off by a few good lines of praise. You can call them diamonds in the rough because, much like the game, the trailer doesn’t make that much sense as it grinds through the mud. Especially true if you don’t understand Japanese.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but while terrible games are a dime a dozen (or $60), publishers that acknowledge their terrible games are not. Square Enix has done something rare and acknowledged the state of their IP in order to market it properly. Either they’re desperate, self-aware, or total geniuses. Whatever your thoughts on the game, we now have a great piece of footage for posterity. Years from now, when we look back, The Quiet Man may reserve a space in history as a game that’s so bad it’s hilarious. A hilariocity, as Chris Stuckmann would say.

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