PUBG Showing New Signs of Life and Is Back up to 1 Million Concurrent Players on Steam

PUBG Ends Year-Long Player Slump, Back over 1 Million Concurrent Players

It’s no secret that PUBG has had a declining playership following an amazing 3.2 million concurrent player peak in January 2018. With that said, it seems that the Battle Royale’s luck may be improving, with a recent end to its year-long player slump on Steam.

PUBG Jungle

After a low peak of 895, 650 concurrent players last month, it looks like PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds may have turned a corner this week, as its back up to over 1 million concurrent players on Steam for the first time since October. In fact, at the time of writing Steam Charts pegged the concurrent players at 1,109,766 marking the first time since January 2018 that the concurrent player count has actually increased, instead of decreased. Since January 2018 PUBG has taken a heavy hit with its playership, a 73% decrease in the number of people actually playing the game. From November 2018 to now however, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds has seen a 6% increase in players.

So what can be attributed to this new growth? While it’s hard to pinpoint one thing in particular, there are a few different reasons to consider. PUBG just launched on the PS4, Santa Claus was just added to celebrate the holidays, and there is a brand new map called Vikendi map that dropped just a few short days ago.


Sure, PUBG has a long way to go before it reaches previously attained player counts, and while it may never reach its previous popularity PUBG Corp. should be breathing a sigh of relief as it seems the Battle Royale may be on the up and up once again. With that said, while 2018 has been a tough year for the game, the mobile version is still extremely popular in Asia.

What do you think this player increase means for PUBG? Could this be the beginning of a new surge in popularity or do you think this is just temporary? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!