Apparently No More Heroes 3 Will Be Very Avengers

Developer Promises Some Thanos-Level Villains

When you think of No More Heroes, you think of comic books, right? It is a very panel-by-panel experience, after all. Between the characters, the art style and the ridiculous attitudes involved, Travis Touchdown is a love letter to the whole medium. To that end, it makes sense that the developer is hoping to up the ante in a very comic book way for the next game.

No More Heroes 3

According to Suda51, No More Heroes 3 will feature some “Thanos levels of crazy villains.” Suda wants the game to feel like The Avengers, with crazier battles and higher stakes all around. Of course, Suda said all this about the preliminary outline for this game. We’re in pretty early days, at this point.

On the one hand, who knows how long it will be before we see this sequel? On the other hand, how rad would it be to see Travis Touchdown in an Avengers-sized story? Granted, this would require him getting involved in a team of some sort. Travis seems like more of a solo superhero, and also not like a superhero at all. Assuming Suda can get past these minor differences, I’m sure he’ll make the next No More Heroes game an absolutely epic one.