Gris Is Already ‘Profitable’, Says Its Developer

Gris Has Proved To Be a Commercial Success

The surprise indie hit Gris launched last week on the PC & Nintendo Switch and has already become profitable, according to a Thursday announcement from the game’s developer, Nomada Studio.


“GRIS has been out for one week and our team is overwhelmed by the incredible reception and thrilled that the game is already profitable! Thank you all so much for your support!” the studio tweeted earlier this week.

Our review praised the indie platformer for its captivating art style and compelling narrative. “Is this the next industry breaking game? No, it’s a standard puzzle platformer at its core,” the reviewer wrote. “It is, however, an emotional and beautiful journey, an adventure where every event is up to the player’s own interpretation.”

“It’s maybe a half-hour longer than it needs to be, but that 30 minutes cannot damper the total package of GRIS,” they added. “Put this game on your radar immediately and take the time to experience it.”

What do you think of this news? What’s your opinion of Gris? Did its story & gameplay have you hooked or was it all boring? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.