Atlus Confirms Existence of Persona 5 R

Using The Power of Teaser Trailers

We all knew and/or wanted it to be real, and now it is! Atlus has confirmed the eventual existence of Persona 5 R, using the limitless power of teaser trailers. We’ve got little to go on besides a tiny trailer and a mysterious date in March, but it’s still something, damnit.

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According to Kotaku, the March 2019 date will grant us more information about this future release. Also according to the site, Persona 5 R isn’t coming out for Nintendo Switch. I legitimately can’t tell if this is something people were expecting or if everyone just assumes all games on Earth are eventually Switch-bound. I mean they are, but it’s still unwise to automatically expect it.

People were right to expect 5R, however. Every time a Persona game comes out, its cooler and more complete counterpart is also released in the fullness of time. Persona 3 and 4 both got this treatment, giving fans the superlative versions of both games. It’s natural to assume that Persona 5 R will be equally incredible in comparison to its already amazing original release. You can check out the teeny tiny teaser trailer below. We’ve got nothing like a release date yet, but rest assured that the ultimate version of Persona 5 will be fantastic when it eventually comes out.