Bethesda Promises to Combat Cheating in Fallout 76

Hacking in Fallout 76 ‘Will Not Be Tolerated’, Says Bethesda

A Reddit thread posted on Sunday alleges that the PC version of the Fallout 76 beta is very easy to hack due to the modabble the engine is. However, Bethesda has denied these claims and is promising to combat any hacking or cheating that could occur in their upcoming multiplayer RPG.

Fallout 76

Bethesda told IGN that the claims made by the author of the Reddit thread “are either inaccurate or based on incorrect assumptions.”

“The community has however called to attention several issues that our teams are already actively tracking and planning to roll out fixes for,” the rest of their statement read. “Our goal is always to deliver a great experience for all our players. Cheating or hacking will not be tolerated. We know our fan base is passionate about modding and customizing their experience in our worlds and it’s something we intend to support down the road.”

Modding is planned to come to Fallout 76 sometime next year but, according to Bethesda executive Pete Hines, it’ll only be available on private servers not public ones.

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