Bethesda Offers Atomic Credit to Fans Who Bought Fallout 76

Praise Atom?

More than two weeks after its launch, Fallout 76 remains a hot topic, primarily because of the contention. In order to ease some of the heat from dissapointed fans, Bethesda has decided to offer some in-game currency.

Fallout 76 Greenbrier

Fallout 76 issues go beyond the game, according to many people who purchased the $200 Power Armor Edition. Many big spenders were also dissapointed by the bag that came packaged. In the box’s advertisement, the bag appears to be made from a canvas material with longetivity—basically, it’s the kind of product that looks like it would last. Instead, many fans received a nylon bag that appears dastically reduced in quality. For this reason, many fans became upset (or more upset) and reached out to Bethesda.

Photo of actual bag received from Imgur:

After a brief non-apology, the company extended a form of compensation to collector’s edition owners. They offered each buyer 500 Atoms within Fallout 76, which is $5 USD worth of in-game currency. Their declaration came via tweet, alongside a link to validate the purchase and claim the humble reward. As VG247 mentioned, there’s an in-game skin wearing the very same bag, and it costs 700 atoms. Just like you can’t own a canvas bag in reality, you can’t own it in a fictional wasteland.

Fortunately, the official site has listed the bag as nylon. All they have to do now is actually change the picture advertised.

In a related segue, it seems as if Bethesda has extended their compensation to buyers of the standard edition. From the Fallout 76 subreddit we learned that a player received 500 Atoms for purchasing the game ahead of Black Friday. Will this compensation extend to every early bird? Time will tell.

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