Super Mario Party Has Sold 1.5 Million Units Since Launch

Surely a Cause for Celebration

Super Mario Party has sold 1.5 million units globally since its release earlier this month on October 5th, according to a recent Nintendo financial briefing.

Super Mario Party

“The good evaluations by consumers have been borne out by the recent sell-through. Global sell-through has exceeded 1.5 million units following [Super Mario Party’s] release on October 5,” the briefing read. “Super Mario Party had an extremely strong start compared to other installments in the series and has built up momentum ahead of the holiday season.”

We reviewed Mario’s latest party game and weren’t to thrilled with it. Our review cited poor A.I., the lack of minigames & boards, and “minimal online modes” as flaws.

“If you have three friends that are Mario Party fanatics – than there might be just enough here to satisfy the Mario Party craving for a while,” our reviewer wrote. “Otherwise, it’s really hard to recommend Super Mario Party – especially if you don’t have anyone to play with, the stupid AI will just drive you insane.”

What do you think of this news? Do these sales figures surprise you? What do you think of Super Mario Party in general? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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