Sony Wants to Communicate Better With Their Fans

The Time For Talk is Now

In a recent episode of the Sony Blogcast, Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden spoke out about how quiet the company has been this year. Sony hasn’t been doing all they can to communicate better with their fans, and it seems the company wants to try and rectify this mistake.

playstation experience 2017 (psx 2017)

According to Layden, “We’re going to crank that communication up, we’re going to find more ways to get our message out and get a view into what our activities are and what our hopes and dreams are, if you will, for PlayStation and for Worldwide Studios.” In other words, maybe be more vocal about some of your controversial decisions?

There’s been a lot this year that Sony should have been talking about. Yes the games have been delightful, but cross play was a lot more mysterious than it needed to be. Things like changing PSN names took a crazy long time for what seemed like obtuse or made-up reasons. Even the most recent E3 presentation was little more than a parade of trailers. Between this and Playstation Experience being cancelled this year, fans could really use some more honest feedback from Sony. Hopefully the company makes some positive changes in the coming months.