Sega Announces Release Date for Sega Ages: Phantasy Star on Switch

Download Phantasy Star on Switch on October 31st

Sega Ages: Phantasy Star will launch on the Nintendo Switch eShop on October 31st, Sega has announced. It will cost $7.99 USD or 925 yen.

Sega Ages Phantasy Star

In case you don’t know, the Sega Ages brand is a lineup of classic Sega games being ported to Nintendo’s hybrid console. Phantasy Star isn’t just a straight up port either. It adds some new elements like easier play modes and a low difficulty setting.

Below is an overview of the game’s features taken from the official website.


  • The Original Phantasy Star Comes to Switch: A faithful port of the Sega Mark III / Master System version of the original Phantasy Star. It also includes easier play modes like the Hiragana text option from the Sega Saturn version and a low difficulty setting.
  • Monster Codex: The game includes a Monster Codex in which you can check each monster’s name, graphic, and all sorts of parameters.
  • Lists for Magic, Items, Weapons, and Armor: View all of the magic and items from the world of Phantasy Star via handy lists. These include every weapon and armor’s name, attack power, defense power, special effects, store value, characters they can be equipped to, and more. You can view these lists at any point during the game by bringing up the pause menu.
  • Auto-Mapping Feature: While the game is played with 3D maps, an on-screen 2D auto-mapping feature has also been implemented. This lowers the difficulty of Phantasy Star‘s dungeons, which are easy to get lost in. (Auto-mapping can be turned off.)
  • International Edition FM Sound Unit BGM and Music Player: Implements the international edition of Phantasy Star with FM Sound Unit background music. There is also a music player through which you can enjoy 19 tracks from the FM Sound Unit version of the game and 19 tracks from PSG version.

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