SEGA Ages Switch Features and Games Teased

SEGA Ages for Switch Is Almost Here

SEGA Ages lead producer and director Rieko Kodama and supervisor Yousuke Okunari recently spoke to Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream on the games and features for the compilation’s upcoming Switch iteration, the new logo, as well as the series’ history.

Kodama spoke on the concept art, which was created by two artists after many other drafts before it.

“Many of our staff expressed the opinion that pixel art made them nostalgic for when the games originally came out, so it was a perfect fit for this collection of re-releases,” she said. “We also had several color variations: there was a rainbow version, a metallic one and many others. Despite this, the voters still said when they think of SEGA, that classic blue comes to mind. So we decided to go with that.”

Okunari went on to discuss the small changes they made to each title—something that they hope fans will notice.

“We thought that if we took the easy route and just ported the original games over, even though people could play their favorite classics on modern consoles, they weren’t going to be terribly excited,” he said. “So with the die-hard fans in mind, we wanted to include new elements that everyone would approve of.”

“These new aspects aren’t aimed at just the newer generations of gamers, these are things we think the original fans would expect to see if the game were released today. We’re confident that the features we’ve implemented keep the integrity of the original games intact while fostering a smoother, more enjoyable experience.”

SEGA is planning on releasing about one or two SEGA Ages titles per month after August, with over 15 planned in total.