New Fallout 76 Trailer All About Those Good Vibes

A Fun, Friendly Wasteland

Grab a life preserver, because we’re drowning in Fallout 76 news! This is a normal phenomenon, especially so close to a huge game’s release, but that’s no reason to get lax on safety protocols. The latest trailer is a live action tribute to all the fun you’ll have, and it’s chock full of sunshine and good vibes.

Fallout 76 vista

To be fair, times such as these are very possible in Fallout 76, they’re just wildly unlikely. If nothing else, without private servers you can expect your time in the game to be a bit more… grievous. But that’s the vibe they’re going for, right? You and the randos and the ravenous hordes?

Maybe we’re all wrong, and the quintessential Fallout 76 experience will be a joyous ode to wonder and cooperation, replete with high-powered weaponry and monstrous destruction. Either way, we’ve only got a few more weeks until we find out. You can check out the trailer below. Also of note are our early impressions of the game, along with what we’ve learned about Fallout 76 so far. We can all look forward to the eventual recreation of this goofy trailer using in-game assets, shortly after the game is finally released to the public.

SOURCE: Press Release