Telltale Artist Shares Heartwarming Borderlands Story

Always Follow Your Instructions Exactly

There have been a lot of stories coming out of Telltale Games following the news of the studio’s closure. A lot of them are terribly sad, though some are heartwarming and bright. Case in point, one Telltale designer told the story this week of a certain sequence towards the end of Tales from the Borderlands.

Tales Borderlands Heartwarming Story

Molly Maloney spoke about a curious set of instructions the animation team received. They were told to make sure that Rhys “flips off the monitors as he runs by.” The intention was to have him turn off the cameras to escape Handsome Jack’s taunting during a particular scene. Instead, we got the character literally throwing double birds to the camera as he ran by.

While this obviously isn’t what they were going for, the finished product was so delightful that the team simply ran with it. As a result, there is indeed a scene wherein one character offers two fingers to a security camera. The lesson here is that any instructions that can be taken literally, might. Here’s hoping that all these amazing people suddenly finding themselves jobless land on their feet, so to speak. It’s a harsh industry, after all.