A Provocative Collection of Steamy Bowsette and Booette Cosplay

Bowsette was followed by Booette /Boosette, which—as you may have guessed—is a fusion of the crown and Super Mario villain Boo.

Scares courtesy of Princess Morgan.

This lovely mug belongs to Mei Scarlet.

The most precious Boo you’ve ever seen.

The name of this Booeauty is Jazlynskyy.

Captivating piece by Mad Candy Cosplay.

This weeb Boo is none other than the extraordinary LynieNicole.

Over time, expect more fanmade art inspired by the mushroom crown and Bowsette. We may see more fanart and cosplay pieces soon, but only time will tell if anything can match the Bowsette craze. Check back every week for more collections. And before you go, drop us a comment. What are your thoughts on Bowsette’s popularity?