Bandai Namco’s Anime Fighter Title ‘Jump Force’ May Just Release in February 2019

Rumor: Jump Force Is Set to Release in February 2019

Just a few days ago the recent addition to the epic roster for Bandai Namco’s anime fighter Jump Force was revealed as none other than Yugi Moto from Yu-Gi-Oh!. This came just weeks after the announcement of not one, but six new characters making their way to the game. Now, as anticipation mounts over what’s shaping up to be a fantastic manga and anime fighter, a new rumor suggests the game will be out in early 2019.

Jump Force

The highly anticipated fighting game set to bring characters from across various popular manga and anime worlds was announced back at E3 this year with a release window set for 2019. Now, according to Twitter user YonkouProductions, who is known for reporting on a variety of anime and manga news, is suggesting that Jump Force may be out sooner than we may have thought. According to the Twitter user, he says Jump Force will drop in February 2019.

In a recent tweet, YonkouProductions states that the game will be out in February of next year and when questioned where the information came from, he stated that he always has a ways of finding out. You can check out the tweets below.

While this particular Twitter user does have a pretty good track record for reporting on anime and manga news in the past, it should be treated with at least a few grains of salt as Bandai Namco has yet to confirm this. With that said, the time frame coincides with the release of a few other huge titles like Anthem, Metro Exodus, and Days Gone and makes quite a bit of sense, especially as the only game of that type coming out at that time. If Jump Force does drop in February it’s likely we can expect some sort of confirmation from Bandai Namco soon enough, as well as some more big character reveals.

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