Bioware’s Casey Hudson Comments on Dragon Age/ Mass Effect Again

“[Dragon Age] Will Be Designed From the Ground Up”

BioWare’s latest project, Anthem, is shaping up to be a stellar and polished co-op title. The only problem there is that the studio isn’t renowned for their work on co-op titles; they’re acclaimed for their history of single-player games. Thus, Anthem’s departure has studio head Casey Hudson quelling concerns on social media.


More gameplay footage just dropped for Anthem, and while some fans are excited, others are mulling over how the IP might rebrand BioWare and its properties. Over the course of 2018, many have voiced their concerns about the fate of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Today, Hudson responded in a Twitter post: “Some weird stuff going around about how our future games will be influenced by Anthem. Of course when we do a Dragon Age game it will be designed from the ground up based on what Dragon Age should be. Same with Mass Effect…

“Anthem is a specific thing that’s unique from our other IPs in many ways,” he added. “What carries forward is what we learn about game design, which is a constant evolution.”

Former creative director for Dragon Age, Mike Laidlaw, claimed that the team working on the next installment was down to a “skeleton crew” before his departure. Though it’s comprised of a few individuals, the next Dragon Age has been confirmed in the works. Meanwhile, the Mass Effect franchise has been thrown in the cooler until it can return fresh. Perhaps Anthem’s development will serve that end?

Anthem is scheduled to hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 22, 2018. Are you excited for the game or has the lack of classic franchises left you sour? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE: Twitter