Beenox Studio Head Talks Spider-Man

Shattered Dimensions And the Sequel That Never Was

Before Insomniac, Beenox was the studio that made all of the Spider-Man games. GamesRadar recently did an interview with Thomas Wilson, the co-head of Beenox studios, about their extensive library of Spider-Man games. Wilson spoke in detail about Shattered Dimensions, their first release.

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Studio Beenox

Of all the Spider-Man games they released, Shattered Dimensions was Wilson’s personal favorite. According to Wilson:

Shattered Dimensions was the game we had the most fun creating. It was the most chaotic development, but this idea of coming up with four distinctive art directions injected a lot of personality into the level design and boss battles. I wish we could have done a Shattered Dimensions 2, as there’s so much content to draw inspiration from in the comics. Now, of course, the industry has evolved, but after the first game I wish we could have jumped right into the sequel, because I loved the formula and approach we had.

Sadly, with the spidey torch being passed on, the chances of a Shattered Dimensions sequel are pretty much nil. Still, it’s fascinating to consider what might have been. What if Beenox had jumped right into Shattered Dimensions 2? Perhaps the rest of the games that followed would have taken a different path.