‘Spider-Man’ DLC Roadmap Officially Announced

Fans Should Expect Post-Launch DLC for Spider-Man

Spider-Man is going to have three DLC installments that’ll be released after the game comes out on September 7th, announced Insomniac Games on Tuesday.

The installments are all part of the “Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps” DLC.


The first installment, titled “The Heist”, will come out on October 23rd and features the webhead’s favorite friend/foe Black Cat along with new missions & challenges, three new suits, and a new enemy faction.

Here’s some official info about The Heist from Insomniac Community Director James Stevenson: “As you play the base game, you’ll realize that Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, is back in town and she’s leaving clues around town to toy with Spider-Man. In [The Heist], she finally reveals herself.”

The other two installments, Turf Wars & Silver Lining, will launch in November & December, respectively.

All three installments can be purchased in a bundle for $24.99 on the PlayStation Store. They can also be bought individually for $9.99 each.

If you’re hyped for Spidey’s upcoming game then go ahead and give a preview of ours a read!

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