Mega Man Getting His Own Controller This Year

Behold The X91

It’s a great year for Mega Man fans. First the new game, then the… TV show, now a custom controller. That’s right, Hyperkin is rolling out some custom hardware for Mega Man fans looking to show their love with a little branded merch. Just in time for Mega Man 11 to come out, too!

Mega Man Controller X91

Dubbed the X91, the controller in question is modeled after like, a SNES pad. Though I’m sure that word appears nowhere in the product description. It’s wired (a necessity for precision platforming) and comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack. If you’re so inclined, this bad boy will function as a full-blown Xbox controller.

Sadly, I do exactly none of my Mega Man gaming on either Xbox One or the PC. The X91 still looks fabulous, however. And for the price (29.99 USD), I’d be more than happy to make an exception regarding my usual rule. Like Mega Man 11, the X91 is coming out on October 2nd, 2018.