IGN Editor Fired After Plagiarizing Dead Cells Review

The Fired Editor’s Review Has Been Removed From IGN’s Website

An IGN editor was fired on Tuesday after an investigation by IGN validated an accusation about him plagiarizing his review of Dead Cells by using a YouTuber’s review of the game.

dead cells

The fired editor, Filip Miucin, plagiarized quotes from a video review of Dead Cells that was uploaded on the YouTube channel Boomstick Gaming several days before Miucin had published his written & video review for IGN.

Kotaku found several examples of this that show the similarities between Boomstick Gaming’s review and Miucin’s review.

IGN issued a statement regarding Miucin’s firing and his apparent plagiarizing on the same day that he was let go. In the statement, the gaming news outlet found the accusation to be true and apologized to their readers, the developer of Dead Cells, and Boomstick Gaming.

“Though our Dead Cells reviewer played the game and came away with glowing opinions of it — as did many of our other staff members — the review itself was simply not acceptable,” part of their statement read. “We’ve parted ways with the writer involved in the review, and we will be re-reviewing Dead Cells this week.”

However, despite the review being removed and its author being fired, Boomstick Gaming is asking for compensation from IGN.

“I would like to be cited, collaborated with, and compensated for the healthy ad revenue they pulled in on both their written review and video review,” the YouTuber told The Verge.

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