God of War Has a Secret Weapon You Never Use

God of War Almost Let You Fight with Your Your Boat’s Ores

Dean Rymer, God of War’s senior combat designer, recently gave an in-depth look at the design of Krato’s boat, which is the franchise’s first new mode of transport in its 13-year history. Notably, he mentioned that the oars are considered as weapon pick-ups by the game engine.

“It was an awesome responsibility to bring a boat into the God of War franchise,” Rymer said. “The boat was a massive feature made up of a lot of little details. It was an amazing team effort… made possible because of the dedication of the incredible team here at Santa Monica Studio. It’s been amazing to read the response from all of our fans, and personally gratifying to see the response to the boat.”

Here is a list of unique boat features that Rymer lists in his development diary:

  • There are over 600 unique animations for the boat
  • There are more than 750 lines of dialogue on the boat
  • Alfheim has a unique boat, oar and light
  • Every enter and exit animation is different when you acquire Mimir
  • On docks the boat knows if it’s on the left or right side and the enter/exit animations adjust accordingly
  • The DualShock 4 LED changes to an “aqua blue” while you are in the boat
  • Even though it stays in the boat, the oar is considered a weapon pickup in the game engine
  • At one point there was a bug where Kratos would be able to exit the boat holding the paddle