New Dragon Quest XI Trailer Shows Off Your Party

Is Old Man A Character Class Now

The newest entry in the long-running Dragon Quest series is just over a month away. To tide us all over, Square Enix has released a Dragon Quest XI trailer highlighting your future adventuring party. Soon, you’ll be able to save the world once again with the help of this spirited crew.

dragon quest xi

Everyone is looking real sharp, I must say. From the Hero’s ‘silky locks’ to Rab’s majestic mustache, Square and the Dragon Quest team have pulled out all the stops on the graphics front. The trailer even takes time to show off a tiny bit of everyone’s moves.

While a fair bit of attention is paid to the game’s visual pomp and circumstance, we also get a chance to hear everyone speak, if only for a moment. One thing I appreciate about Dragon Quest is the English voice work. Everyone has an accent and a dialect befitting the fantasy setting. I’m reeeeeaaally curious about Erik, however. Maybe it’s just my uncultured ear, but I can’t quite place his particular tone. Regardless, I am one thousand percent ready to dive back into the franchise at this point. You can check out the trailer for yourself just below.

SOURCE: Press Release