Oh Dang Upcoming CRPG The Waylanders Looks Cool

Hints of Dragon Age With A Strong Neverwinter Finish

I’m a sucker for a good CRPG with a twist thrown in. Anachronistic design, time travel, heavy sim elements, you name it. So The Waylanders, an upcoming CRPG from Gato Salvaje has immediately got my attention. It’s got that smoky CRPG flavor with just a hint of time travel thrown in.

The Waylanders

According to the developers, this upcoming passion project is reminiscent of classics like Dragon Age and Neverwinter Nights. Also with just a dash of Ocarina of Time thrown in for good measure. Normally I’m not one for name-dropping influences, but this particular title is still a ways off, so we’ve got plenty of room to speculate.

The Waylanders has more than a dash of time travel to activate the palette. Gameplay can be switched between isometric and third-person perspectives, the real-time battles can be paused for extra strategizing, and there’s a total of 36 different classes to choose from. I anticipate spending at least twenty hours experimenting with each class as it’s made available. Sadly, we won’t be seeing this game until the first part of 2020, but I’m willing to wait for a good thing. You can check out a sneak peak of the game in the video below.

SOURCE: Press Release