Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno Speaks on Devil May Cry 5

Capcom Sheds Light on Devil May Cry 5

A recent interview with Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno, director of Devil May Cry 5, sheds light on everything from the personalities of series regulars to what Capcom learned from developer Ninja Theory.

Devil May Cry 5 Gamescom Demo

Itsuno claims that the main reason for starting the Devil May Cry 5 was to realize the new ideas that have been stewing for the last 10 years after Devil May Cry 4.

“And then he had seen that recently, you don’t see as many action games like this these days,” he added. “So I also kind of wanted to put out a little challenge and say, “This is what Capcom feels is true, unbridled action, so let’s put that out there and see how people react.”

Itsuno talked about Nero and Dante and their numerous personality differences that belie their similarities in physical appearance.

“So Nero has always been somebody who has something that he wants to protect, and that’s family. In DMC 4 he had Kyrie, so that’s one of the key aspects of his personality. Dante also has something he wants to protect, but that’s less concrete. His father, Sparda, wanted to protect humans, so Dante feels he wants to respect that decisions that his father’s made, and that’s what drives him.”

In regards to Ninja Theory, who developed DmC: Devil May Cry, Itsuno was very positive.

“We learned so much from Ninja Theory and DmC,” he said. “That was a collaboration between Capcom and Ninja Theory. I went to Cambridge once every couple of months to work those guys. So we learned a lot of from them, and you want to talk about stylish… Ninja Theory, those guys are style incarnate, man. What they did with DmC, that art style, those animations, that is real style, y’know? So we took a lot of what we learned from that.”

“Even stuff like the kill cams, for instance, we took a lot of that, and having learned that, we tried to implement that in this game as well,” he added.”

“Another thing is, we have a lot of friends who love DmC. For me, DmC is one of my favorite DMC games, if not my favorite. And we wanted to make the game in a way that people who enjoyed that game will enjoy the way it controls just as much as they enjoyed DmC.”