Mega Man X Legacy Collection Comes With Easy Mode

AKA Rookie Hunter Mode

Much like the Legacy Collection that came before it, the Mega Man X collections due out this month come with their own version of easy mode. Dubbed Rookie Hunter Mode, this will let you play through all the X games with slightly less of a challenge involved. They’re still hard, just slightly less so.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection

The mode in question will halve the damage you take, while also removing spike and pit deaths for X4 through X8. Which is a little weird to me. Don’t the first three games also feature a bevy of pits and spikes? Are they really that much harder than X1-3? Not that I’m an expert at any of these games.

Regardless of where you stand on the Easy Mode debate, it’s nice to see developers giving people the option. Sure, I won’t be using this mode. It would feel like cheating, no matter how many times I got my ass beat. Maybe not everyone is looking for a heaping helping of side-scrolling punishment, though. Maybe some people are just looking to have fun. Either way, you can join the debate yourself when the Mega Man X Legacy Collection comes out on July 24th, 2018.