WWE 2K19 Isn’t Coming Out on Switch This Year

Sorry Switch Fans, No WWE 2K19 For You

Following the backlash of last year’s terrible port, publisher 2K Games has confirmed that WWE 2K19 will not have a Nintendo Switch release this year.

WWE 2K19

WWE 2K18 was the first game in the long-running wrestling franchise to be released on Nintendo’s latest console and it looks like it will be its last. Thanks to PowerupGaming, 2K has released the following statement surrounding its decision following much speculation after the Switch platform had been omitted from press releases about the game:

“WWE 2K19 will not be available on Nintendo Switch. 2K is focused on making the best possible experience for WWE 2K fans and will continue evaluating all opportunities to deliver the franchise across additional platforms.”

The Switch port of WWE 2K18 received a huge negative reaction from consumers and journalists alike. As is evident from a technical report from DigitalFoundry, WWE 2K18 severely struggles on the Switch due to its limited hardware. You can check out their analysis below, but one of the major differences from the other platform versions is that the game literally plays in slow-motion. Instead of opting for just a 30 fps cap, WWE 2K18 on Switch runs agonizingly slow.

Despite a couple of patches released, the game was never fixed. And instead of trying again this year, 2K has instead chosen to skip the platform altogether. While this may disappoint some people who are still looking for a quality wrestling game on Switch, 2K’s decision is probably for the best.

WWE 2K19 is still releasing on October 8th for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. AJ Styles with grace the cover this time around. You can read our review of the PS4 version of WWE 2K18 here.