No Man’s Sky NEXT Is Coming This Month

The Game Ain’t The Same, It Seems

To say No Man’s Sky had a troubled launch would be to admit a mastery in understatement. Game Director Sean Murray faced a legendary amount of flak over the game’s many problems, most of which surrounded missing game content and broken promises. Well, it’s more apparent than ever that the No Man’s Sky we remember is quite different from the game that currently exists. As evidence, 505 Games has released a video detailing 11 notable changes that have occurred since launch.

No Man's Sky Review Top Screen

The video comes ahead of No Man’s Sky NEXT, the next massive update coming to the game later this month. This also marks the first time No Man’s Sky will be available on Xbox One. Indeed, a quick glimpse at the video suggests that the team has been working hard to regain player interest since the original launch.

What remains to be seen is whether they can shake off the trappings of their somewhat disastrous origin. You don’t have to go far down the comments list of any NMS video to notice a continuing trend of bitterness and dire warnings. Even with the constant stream of updates, the game still has problems that people are more than happy to point out. For me, it feels like an undertaking of this size is more or less guaranteed to be rife with problems. An expectation of a bug-free experience seems pretty unrealistic. If you’re curious as to just what has actually changed, there are a few very long lists you can peruse. No Man’s Sky NEXT is due on July 24th, in time with the launch on Xbox One.

SOURCE: Press Release