Nine Brand New Badass Supers Have Been Revealed for Destiny 2: Forsaken

Take a Peek at the Nine New Supers Coming to Destiny 2: Forsaken

Just last month Bungie revealed a brand new DLC expansion called Forsaken will kick off the beginning of Year 2 content for Destiny 2. While it was originally announced that this DLC expansion would include a slew of content, in the August issue of Game Informer, more details have been unveiled, including nine new and exciting supers.

That’s right, there are nine brand new supers coming to Destiny 2 on September 4th! Each subclass will be receiving a new tree in the Forsaken expansion, next to its current ones, where players will be able to unlock and play with different super abilities. According to Game Informer, the new subclass trees will be unlocked, likely through a quest of some sort, though not all will be available on day one and will take a few weeks to arrive. You can check these out, complete with the nine new supers coming in Forsaken below.


  • Sentinel – Code of the Commander
    • Melee: Sentinel’s melee ability causes an explosion to occur.
    • Perk: All void ability damage attaches a void detonator to the target. Dealing damage to a target with a detonator attached causes it to explode, creating a chain reaction that attaches detonators to surrounding enemies.
    • Grenade: Sentinel players and their allies will regain some grenade energy when detonators explode around them.
    • Super: The super is still Banner Shield, but now it creates a wall of light that blocks incoming damage when the player is in the guard position — and yes, allies can shoot through this barrier.
  • Sunbreaker – Code of the Devastator 
    • Melee: The Sunbreaker’s melee ability is ranged like the Hunter’s throwing knife. But instead of a blade, Titans will throw a small hammer, which will stay where it lands. Picking it back up will fully recharge the player’s melee ability and regenerate some health.
    • Perk: Each solar damage kill increases player damage, up to a triple-damage buff.
    • Super: The super is Siege Hammer, which creates a giant flaming hammer that the Titan can swing around them in wide arcs. Hits will send out tornadoes of flame.
  • Striker – Code of the Missile
    • Melee: The Striker’s melee ability lets players jump in the air, aim down and fly like a missile into their enemies. Basically it’s like the Death From Above perk in the original Destiny, but as a normal melee ability instead. This also helps build the Striker’s super meter.
    • Perk: Any ammo players pick up while sliding will instantly reload their weapon. Successfully reloading through a slide will increase the player’s damage for a short period of time.
    • Super: The super is Thundercrash, which turns the Titan into a mortar, basically. You can launch your Guardian through the air and smash into the ground.

voidwalker warlock nathan fillion destiny 2


  • Voidwalker – Attunement of Fission
    • Melee: The Voidwalker’s melee attack generates a void explosion ahead of the Warlock.
    • Grenade: Holding the grenade button will eat the grenade and cause an explosion in the vicinity of the Warlock.
    • Perk: Void ability kills will restore ability energy and health.
    • Super: The super is Nova Warp, which lets players use a few short-range teleports before generating an explosion around themselves.
  • Stormcaller – Attunement of Control 
    • Melee: The Stormcaller’s melee ability fires out an orb of electricity that soon explodes, sending a lightning bolt into the ground.
    • Perk: Killing things with arc damage occasionally leaves behind Ionic Traces. Each time players collect an Ionic Trace, they’ll regain some ability energy.
    • Super: The super is Chaos Reach, which sends out a beam of damaging energy. It’s possible to shut off the beam before using your entire super bar.
  • Dawnblade – Attunement of Grace 
    • Melee: The Dawnblade’s melee ability burns enemies and buffs allies. This is presumably a similar buff to standing in an Empowering Rift.
    • Grenade: Holding the grenade for an extended time turns it into a Blessing instead, which can be launched to heal allies and drop overshield orbs.
    • Perk: Any healing or buffing abilities regenerate the Warlock’s non super abilities.
    • Super: The super is Well of Radiance, in which the Guardian sticks their sword into the ground to create a rift that both heals and buffs allies.

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  • Nightstalker – Way of the Wraith 
    • Melee: The Nightstalker’s smoke bomb slows enemies and does a lot of damage.
    • Perk: Precision kills let Nightstalkers turn invisible. They also grant truesight, an ability that allows players to see through walls.
    • Super: The Nightstalker super is Spectral Blades, which turns the Hunter invisible and lets them sneak around to stab their enemies in the back.
  • Gunslinger – Way of a Thousand Cuts 
    • Melee: The Gunslinger’s melee ability throws out a fan of knives instead of just a single blade. This spread shot will also light enemies on fire.
    • Perk: Killing enemies who are on fire recharges the Hunter’s melee ability. When enemies burn, it causes the dodge ability to recharge.
    • Super: The super is Blade Barrage, which allows the player to toss a bunch of explosive knives at their foes.
  • Arcstrider – Way of the Current 
    • Melee: The Arcstrider’s melee ability is activated by sliding before attacking. It causes the Hunter to use their staff to deal melee damage in an electric uppercut strike.
    • Perk: Melee hits let you reload more quickly. Hitting an enemy with the Hunter melee multiple times will disorient them and recharge your abilities. All arc abilities electrify enemies.
    • Super: The super is Whirling Guard, which grants the Arcstrider the new ability to spin their staff and reflect projectiles back at their foes. After reflecting, the Arcstaff’s damage will be amplified by three times.