Physical Copies of Fortnite Worth Their Weight in Gold Somehow

Well, Not Gold, But Something Worth 6$ A Gram

If you’re the sort of Fortnite fan who went so far as to buy any physical copies of the game, then you’re in luck! For some unfathomable reason, Fortnite’s physical versions are selling on eBay for a king’s ransom at present.

Fortnite physical copies

Not to disparage any Fortnite fans out there, but it just seems weird to drop upwards of $450 USD on a game I’m pretty sure most people don’t actually pay for. Yes, there is a paid PVE game in Fortnite, but you haven’t played it. Don’t lie to me like that.

Not every copy is going for so much money, though. Most of the time it only costs $120 to have a copy of Fortnite you can tightly grip as you drift off to sleep at night. If you don’t truck with all this hard copy nonsense, you can snag a digital version of the same product for $40. Or you can wait an unspecified amount of time before that turns free to play as well. Don’t wait too long to sell if you’ve got a copy, however. You want to cash in while you can still make almost enough to buy a giant green crystal dragon. Or pay rent. Up to you, really.