Nintendo Switch Goes NSFW With New Fetish Game

Talk Dirty With A Japanese Model On The Nintendo Switch

If you’re so inclined, you can hop on the Nintendo Switch eShop right now and buy a bizarre fetish game. Known as Pure/Electric Love “What do you want?” – Eri Kitami, this game lets you have sexy simulated conversations with a model named Eri Kitami. On the Nintendo Switch. Let’s just all take a moment and process that.

Eri Kitami Fetish Game

While this isn’t the first game on the Nintendo Switch with a Mature rating, it is quite possibly the strangest. You navigate a series of conversations in order to trigger certain images and cut scenes. All of this is in Japanese, by the way. Unless you’ve got a firm grasp on the language, the nuances at work will be lost to you.

Of course, if the reward videos are anything like what Kitami has posted…. elsewhere, maybe you’re not here for the scintillating conversation? None of her content is straight-up porn, but it’s not even slightly safe for work, either. You can get a better idea of what the game is all about on the official page here. I’m not linking to any of the aforementioned videos because holy cow are they NSFW, but I promise some stealthy googling will yield some truly strange results.