A Disgruntled Gamer Threatened to Bomb a Nintendo Store

Some People Take Games Way Too Seriously!

Back in April, an angry gamer threatened to bomb a Nintendo store in New York City, according to the New York City police department. The store is named “Nintendo World NYC” and is located in the city neighborhood Midtown.

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The reason for the gamer’s ire was allegedly due to the store removing kiosks for Super Smash Bros. A Twitch streamer named “Mitsu” claims that this was why the unidentified gamer was so furious.

The emailed threat had been found by the store’s workers when they were cleaning out the inbox of a workplace email address. Police are currently investigating the threat but no bombings have occurred at the store in the past two months.

A manager at the store declined to comment when asked about the threat by the New York Daily News, saying she had “nothing further to add”.

Gamers getting angry about video games isn’t uncommon and there have been several instances where some gamers have made serious, violent threats. In March, a teenaged gamer was playing a video game when he used Snapchat to threaten to commit a school shooting.

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