Fortnite Players Are Paying for Fortnite Bodyguards

With No Comment from Epic Games Just Yet, These Fortnite Bodyguards Are in High Demand

A recent report from the BBC shows some talented Fortnite players are offering to sell their time in order to be a bodyguard, or a ‘Buddy’, who will coach a player on how to become better at the game.


The BBC spoke to Aaron Hobson, a trainee accountant who also works as a Fortnite ‘Buddy’. Aaron charges £7 per hour (which is under the minimum wage over here in the UK), or $9.32 an hour. However, some Buddies charge upwards of £20, or $26.62, per hour for coaching.

A coach in Fortnite is someone who play with their client and will teach them how to play, what to do in certain situations, and how to improve their skills to ensure they win matches. With the game racking over 40 million players per month, there’s no shortage of people wanting to learn how to play.

Aaron saw the Fortnite Buddies advertising on Instagram and decided to give it a shot. “…I play Fortnite quite a lot, play it most days, so I thought I’d give it a go.” When describing what he does in-game, he says: “I’m someone who plays with you, coaches you, and advises you on what to do, and what’s best to obviously maximise your chances of winning.”

To find clients, Aaron uses a website in order to take requests. However, the website doesn’t allow for under-18’s to sign up. His clients believe that this service isn’t cheating, as the players are still playing themselves; they’re just being taught as they play the game, instead of Aaron playing on their account for them.

For the full story, check out the BBC‘s video on the Fortnite Buddies.

What are your opinions on this service? Is it legitimate, or do you believe it crosses some lines? Let us know!