“Stand By” – Did Bethesda Just Tease Another Fallout Game? [Update]

Update: Bethesda currently has a Twitch livestream going on right now, which you can find here. It is still unknown what the developer will showcase, at the time of this writing, although all evidence maintain the likelihood of Fallout news. 

Bethesda Game Studios Prepares Fans for a New Announcement

Back when publisher Bethesda announced their schedule for E3, it came with promises. VP of marketing, Pete Hines, started the hype train by saying there would be some surprises in store this year. Then, a Rage 2 leak from Walmart Canada further boosted fan enthusiasm for the press conference, despite a grim chance of seeing Fallout or the next Elder Scrolls. However, the publisher just tweeted a very curious tease.

Fallout 4

The tease in question is so on the nose that we can only imagine it’s Fallout-related. It consists of a single image, accompanied by the single hashtag: #PleaseStandBy. And if you’re a fan of the post-apocalyptic franchise, you know exactly what that can mean. Moreover, the tweet came directly from Bethesda Game Studios, the minds behind the development of acclaimed franchises. See for yourself down below.

Of course, we can speculate for days on the purpose of Bethesda’s tweet. Is it the preamble to a new Fallout installment? Perhaps we’ll see a remaster or remake of a classic title, like Fallout 3 or New Vegas. Since they share very amicable relations with Nintendo, we may witness a remastered experience for the Nintendo Switch. Or is the big game publisher building anticipation for an IP that is completely unrelated? I suspect we’ll know more soon.

What are your thoughts on the curious tweet? Feel free to comment your speculation down below.