Nintendo Files Trademarks for Paper Mario, Mario Party, Dr. Mario, & Punch Out!!

Several Nintendo Properties May Be Returning for the Switch

The Nintendo Switch only needs few-heavy hitters a year to keep its stream of sales flowing, so what properties are Nintendo Looking into? Apparently, they may be reaching into their catalog for several fan-favorite titles. A new trademark filing indicates a renewed interest in the following properties: Paper Mario, Mario Party, Dr. Mario, Mario Tennis, & Punch Out!!

According to Japanese Nintendo, the trademarks filed were specifically for video games. Therefore, there’s a bit of wiggle room for speculation. For all we know, we could be witnessing new installments of the aforementioned titles. However, there’s also the probability that these games shall return as part of Nintendo Virtual Console (whenever it arrives). When the online service for the Nintendo Switch rolls out, we could witness a number of changes alongside the return of classic games. Only time will tell the true purpose of these trademarks, however. To view the full report, and if you understand Japanese, you can click here.

Since there’s room for speculation, let us know your own by commenting down below. Would you like to see the return of titles like Paper Mario, Mario Party, and Dr. Mario? Do you think we shall learn more at E3 2018? Keep it locked for updates.

SOURCE: Japanese Nintendo