Mega Man X Legacy Collection Confirmed As Two Releases

AKA The Good One And The Other One

It’s been made official: Capcom is releasing the Mega Man X Legacy Collection in two volumes. This means that X1-4 will be in one release, while X5-8 will be in the second. Capcom confirmed as much with a video announcement, embedded below.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection

Like the original Legacy Collection games, these upcoming releases will feature artwork galleries full of the art from the original release and packaging of the games. On top of that, there will be a graphics filter to smooth things out, which I can’t imagine ever using. There will also be a crazy new game mode wherein you can fight two bosses at once, called ‘X Challenge.’

Whichever set of games you prefer, they have a July 26th release date in Japan for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC. Sadly, we don’t have a North American release date yet, but one should be on its way soon. Although most people will probably just choose one volume or the other to purchase (especially if they’re expensive enough), I will most likely grab them both. Mega Man has his hooks in me real deep, you see. The trailer in question follows shortly.