Beautiful Kinpatsu Cosplay Brings All Our Nerd Fantasies to Life

From Video Games to Anime, Cosplayer Tayla Brings the Geek Fire

Every week, we take another one of your dreams and smack them into reality with our rounds of cosplay. Today, we’re covering the artistic fidelity of Kinpatsu Cosplay. Real name Tayla Barter, or Tay for short, she’s known in many geek circles for her diverse range of characters. Hailing from South Africa, she cosplays as fan-favorites from Overwatch, League of Legends, as well as some of our favorite characters in animation. What do they all have in common? They’re gorgeous, at least when she takes on the role. But you can see for yourself.

Kinpatsu Cosplay Top

Here’s some Rem and Ram Double Trouble

She will dance in your mind all day long

Cammy is knock-out who can knock out

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