Death Road To Canada Postponed After Toronto Tragedy

Developers Feel Launching Now “Deeply Inappropriate”

Death Road to Canada, originally scheduled for a console release today, has been postponed. The indie game’s developers decided to hold off on a release in light of the tragic events that unfolded this week in Toronto. A new release date has not yet been set.

Death Road To Canada

The announcement comes after a horrific attack was carried out using a van, one that resulted in ten pedestrians dying and 14 others being injured. A statement from Ukiyo Publishing called a console release at this time “deeply inappropriate.” Indeed, the similarities between the game and the event are enough to make this a sound decision.

Okay, so it’s not like there’s a ton of links between the two, but the timing is still absolutely ghastly. I tip my hat to the people in charge of this decision. Better to be considerate and understanding than punctual and distressingly tone-deaf. The publisher is currently at work determining Death Road’s new release date. Also, it goes without saying (yet I’ll say it anyway), but my deepest condolences go out to everyone affected by this terrible attack.

SOURCE: Press Release