Press X To Podcast: Episode 8 – Mr. Drippy Has Me Shook

COGconnected Presents Press X To Podcast – Episode 8

It’s been seven long days since you last heard the smooth voices of Press X’s Paul Sullivan, Shawn Petraschuk, and Trevor Houston, and we know your ears just can’t get enough! Join the guys as they talk about everything video games from the last week including upcoming releases (although most of them are ports!) Ni No Kuni 2 goes gold, and Trevor sheds some light on what he feels the major difference is between Fortnite and PUBG.

The guys dive into talks about Metal Gear Survive, particularly how using the Metal Gear name might have been a bad move for Konami, and how the companies reputation has drastically declined since its removal of video icon Kojima. They also talk about the hot buzzing easter egg found in Metal Gear Survive that throws the tiniest of middle fingers at Konami itself! The recently launched Papers Please short film, a $1200 skirt in PUBG and so much more slide across these guys table. To find out about this and a whole lot more – including the latest edition of Press X Perfect List, check out the podcast below!

There you have it folks, another hour and a half of your life enriched by the gang at Press X To Podcast. What did you think of this weeks show? As always we encourage you to let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below. If you enjoyed the podcast and want to make sure you don’t miss a single week, head over to our official subscription page so you can get every episode of Press X To Podcast on your podcast medium of choice.

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