Press X To Podcast: Episode 11 – Leeloo Dallas Multipass

COGconnected Presents Press X To Podcast – Episode 11

Congratulations! You’ve traveled over 11 million miles since the last time you listened to Press X To Podcast, and for that we happily present to you the opportunity to listen to Paul Sullivan, Shawn Petraschuk, and Trevor Houston as they discuss everything new in the world of gaming! Join us as Shawn talks about jumping back into Mad Max and playing Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time with his wife, Trevor finishes off the final DLC for Wolfenstein 2, and the guys discuss hangovers, St Patty’s Day, and stretchy pants!

This week they take a closer look at the time limited exclusive content and whether its a valid idea, the building anticipation for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and how Drake broke Twitch by popping into a game of Fortnite – one of, if not the, most rapidly increasing games in popularity in a long time. The guys talk about the absolutely jaw dropping God of War, DICE finally making changes to Battlefront 2, and a lady stabbed her boyfriend who played too much PUBG! All that and a whole lot more, including this weeks Press X Perfect List, are just a click away. Enjoy Press X To Podcast: Episode 11 – Leeloo Dallas Multipass!

Sadly, this weeks Podcast comes to an end. If you stayed with us to the finish you heard Shawn nominated COGconnected’s Alex Thomas to keep tally of each time they say “perfect” and, well, he did! So be sure to tune in to our posts on COGconnected to see the Perfect Tally as it grows!

The Perfect Tally This Week: 23

The Perfect Tally So Far: 23

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