Monster Hunter World Sold 2.45 Million Units in 1st Week, Estimates Say

Capcom Dominated January Video Game Sales

Capcom’s best week ever may have been in January, thanks to the resounding success of Monster Hunter World, VGChartz estimates say the game sold nearly 2.5 million in its first week at retail.

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The estimated numbers of Monster Hunter World are for the week ending on January 27th. A total of 2,475,315 units were sold worldwide, with the majority recorded in Japan. Out of those units, only 286,560 were Xbox One sales. Breaking the numbers down by region, Japan shifted 1,364,524 units (55%), Europe sold 460,153 (19%), and the US hit 449,856 (18%).

Of course, we already know that Monster Hunter World sales reached well beyond the first week’s numbers. Publisher and developer Capcom claimed this was their fastest and best-selling game ever, with approximately 7.5 million in recorded sales. Critical acclaim and positive word of mouth, it seems, factored into the IP’s success beyond the first week. It’s also worth noting the company’s promise to bring free post-launch DLC in the form of additional monsters and more. Thus, just as the creators intended, World became the first installment of the franchise to garner wide popularity in the west.

Monster Hunter World’s first DLC monster, Deviljho, is available now alongside new event quests. Starting April 6th, players can log in and experience the Spring seasonal event. Keep it locked for updates until then and beyond.

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