Gunnar Has Some Slick New Glasses Designed for the Active Gamer

Gunnar Announces New Glasses

Do you experience eye strain when you game? Well, Gunnar has you covered. Gunnar Optiks announced the release of their versatile Work-Play lens technology. A dual-purpose lifestyle lens, the new Work-Play is designed for indoor blue light protection from digital screens which then transitions to a sunglass for outdoor protection from UV light and the sun’s rays. How cool is that?

Gunnar Lens
Launched in collaboration with apparel brand Publish, the Work-Play is a perfect complement to an active lifestyle, improving the visual experience in both worlds. Gunnar and Publish set out to design lens technology that allows wearers to easily transition from their work environment indoors to a playful environment outdoors. Both brands share a mission to transcend the realms of form and function and to improve daily life. The new Work Play lens is a simplistic and stylish solution to eye protection.

A first of its kind, the Work-Play lens offers an unobstructed view of both worlds, actively blocking harmful blue light while powerfully enhancing vision with targeted color contrast. In just 45 seconds, the Work-Play lens seamlessly transitions from an indoor translucent amber tint with Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 83-percent and a Blue-Light Protection Factor (BPF) of 65, to an outdoor sunglasses tint with a VLT of 26-percent and a BPF of 85. Powered by innovative Gunnar i-Amp lens technology, Work-Play lenses maximize long-wave blue light, helping to stimulate your alertness and attitude while improving your circadian rhythm all day long.

The all-new Work Play lens is the first and only digital eyewear to combine the protection of Gunnar’s patented lens technology with the unparalleled style of fashion leader Publish. The new Work Play lens will be available in the INFINITE designed by Publish, the INTERCEPT, and the AXIAL on March 20, 2018 only on and

Source: Press Release